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Vídeos e fotos ousadas de Kalila Kane. A atriz pornô libanesa Mia Callista, ou Mia Khalifa, pode ter seus dias contados como representante atual de destaque da descendência árabe. A texana Kalila, ou Kalila Kane, ou Dolly Bin Laden pode entrar com tudo nesta disputa. A modelo indiana lembra a atriz pornô libanesa devido a aparência ocidental e seus belos seios fartos (eu prefiro os da Mia). Kalila é dançarina Stripper e trabalha em Whashington nos EUA. Estreante no mundo erótico kalila afirmou que tem preferência por sexo grupal ou por ser estuprada por homens violentos. A Atriz ainda afirmou que é adepta de Bondage, exibicionismo, Latex, dominação, sadomasoquismo, enfim, a atriz parece gostar de tudo um pouco.

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“I’m actually shy,” said Kalila Kane, a 23-year-old beauty who came to us from Washington, D.C., where she was stripping. Yeah, I know, strippers aren’t supposed to be shy. Neither are girls who show off their big tits and tight pussies and assholes on-camera for SCORELAND, but what was I supposed to say? Body-wise and enthusiasm-wise, Kalila reminds me a little of Mia Khalifa, who debuted at SCORELAND the other day. The differences are that Kalila is Indian (she’s our first-ever model from India) and Mia is Lebanese, and Kalila, surprisingly, never did hardcore while Mia’s going all the way soon. But it’s great to have young, hot girls who are so happy to show off their big tits and slim ‘n’ stacked bodies. Now, about that shy thing.. “I’m really into group sex and consensually forced sex, so most of my fantasies revolve around that,” Kalila said. “I’m into some fetishes: Latex, bondage, somnophillia, S/M, the dom/sub dynamic, female domination, stockings, and giving and receiving pain. Also anything situationally perverse; having sex when it seems kind of wrong.” Having sex with Kalila would never seem wrong. “I like deep passionate kissing.

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Kalila Kane is a super-busty Middle Eastern girl having her first time experience in adult. Super excited, she’s a fun, sexually experimental kind of a girl, and wants to try a lot of things for FTV! Waking up in the morning, we watch her give her large breasts a hard massage, then masturbate with her fingers to orgasm (while fantasizing about a guy in her class) with visible vaginal contractions. Then she brings out a glass toy, which she likes to pound herself with, and with g-spot effect ends up squirting, along with milky juices that flow down her leg! Kalila Kane dresses up in a sexy outfit and then goes to a car show, flashing her breasts as some old guys notice & get startled! Then back home she uses a vibrator for the first time, ends up having a very strong orgasm, with milky juices flowing down her leg again…

she gets so wet! Putting on a cute summer dress & heels, she visits a neighborhood, and while cars drive by, Kalila Kane flashes and plays with herself! A member happens to drive by (seriously!) and ask to assist. He ends up watching and doing some recording of her penetrating herself with a banana in this public place! Putting on some exercise clothes, we watch her do jumping jacks, and her breasts fall out, then watch them bounce everywhere. She ends up using the glass toy again, this time in combination with a vibrator to another super strong orgasm and a squirt! Out come her breasts, and she massages them with baby oil, squishing them as hard as she can, pulling on her nipples and biting them. Then she plays with her butt, ending up fingering herself in the butt — and then double penetrating herself with fingers in both holes! For one big climax finale, she ends up using the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to several strong squirting orgasms… as many as five, and some of them so strong that it ends up flooding the bathroom floor! So enjoy this wonderfully fun girl Kalila Kane, with thos huge assets and her total passion for masturbating